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Professor Gong Yuanfa and Chen Quanliang Appointed as Ph.D.

Recently, professorsGong yuanfa and Chen Quanliang were appointed as Ph.D. Advisers by ChineseAcademy’s Institute of Atmosphere science.Gong yuanfa and ChenQuanliang are two elite lecturers of our atmosphere science college who haverich working experience as Ph.D. advisers. Gong and Chen are both Ph.D. withdoctor degree. They have high proficiency in academic field and havesuccessively become reserved candidates of the leading figures of academy andtechnology in Sichuan province.

After being recruited, the twoprofessors would begin their collaboration with Chinese Academy’s Institute ofatmosphere science in cultivating Ph.D. Students as soon as possible, so as toplay a positive role in promoting academic construction and high-level elites’training in CUIT’s atmosphere science subject.