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Workshop of Discipline Construction held in CUIT

On 3rd, March , CUITl held a workshop of disciplineconstruction, President Zhou Jiliu reviewed the progress that CUIT has made indiscipline construction this year, elaborating the background of world-classuniversities and disciplines created by our country.

He stressed thatdiscipline construction is the key mission of our university and a necessarycondition for the construction of high level university.

Participants listened to the summaries of AtmosphericSciences discipline, information and communication engineering discipline, computerscience and technology discipline on the discipline construction in 2015; thereport about annual scientific research and achievements of the overallsituation in 2015 made by Dong Yiping from Department of science and technologyand the interpretation made by Cheng Quanliang from Graduate Department abouthis view on the latest national policy.

The participants also discussed deeply on the problemsarising from the discipline construction, the implementation of measures and the objective programming of thefirst class discipline construction, etc. putting forward positive suggestionsfor the next step of the discipline construction .