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Notice on carrying out masters' tutors examination

In order to ensure the quality of educationof the masters, recently our university will carry out masters' tutorsexamination, hereby notified as follows:
1.The Examinees: Teachers that has been worked in CUIT for morethan three years. All the tutors that meet the standards, are counted into theexamination. Tutors outside the university should wait for other notice.
   (1)Thetutors fill out the examination forms;
   (2)Thecollege establishes a group of the tutors’ evaluation to organize theexamination and report their opinions to the leading group;
   (3)Theleading group examine and approve the opinions and results;
   (4)Theresults will be submitted to the academic degree evaluation committee;
   (5)Timerange of the scientific research evaluation: November 1,2012 - October 31,2015; 
   (6)If the tutors in thisexamination give up on it, they will be evaluated as “Failed” when the collegessubmit their examination results.